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A High-Performance Media Hub with Two USB Type-C Interfaces

650 Sum Temple Dr.
35758 Madison (Alabama)
United States

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The Tecvox Media Hub MH2 (see image) contains two USB type-C interfaces and meets the continuously growing demand for higher data transfer rates and the higher power requirements of new smartphones and other mobile devices. The innovative Media Hub enables the reliable connection of iOS and Android devices with full functions for modern entertainment applications and other mobile applications. The two USB type-C interfaces of the Tecvox MH2 each offer a power output of 60 W. This overall power output of 120 W enables the MH2 to rapidly charge larger smartphones, tablets or laptops. When doing so, the Media Hub supports the USB PD 3.0 charging standard with four voltage profiles of 5, 9, 15 and 20 V. The Tecvox MH2 boasts a data transfer rate of 5 GB/s. USB 3.1 enables smartphones and tablets to be transformed into multimedia sources for IP communications, films and music for users in cars. Tecvox belongs to the Amphenol Automotive Group.
Madison, USA
Hall 4, stand 4305
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