A Combination of Potting and Transfer Moulding Technology

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The aim of the development of this new packaging technology for automotive sensor modules was to combine the strength of potting technology with the advantages of transfer moulding technology and to do away with limitations to the furthest possible extent (see image). The advantages of the technology are its design flexibility, customer-specific designs, integration of cables and connectors, less conditioning of the models, less bleeding, lower pressure and lower stress on the electronics. The case-less design facilitates superior adhesion of the liquid moulding material to the electronics. Resins with a high glass-transition temperature can be tuned to meet the specific needs and requirements of the application in question. The technology is suitable for both small series and mass production series. The resins cure within just a few minutes without requiring post-curing. The tooling and automation of this new packaging technology can be scaled with the required production series.
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