A Simple Process with High Precision

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When it comes to joining aluminium die-cast parts with parts made of steel, KSK claims that its "Plastic Flow Binding" technology is a dream come true. The solution offers a number of advantages in the form of a simple process, high precision, strong binding, a light weight and outstanding productivity. It enables parts made of different materials to be joined together by first machining grooves in the hard material. Pressure applied to the softer parts with a punch then allows these 'soft parts' to 'flow' into the grooves. This process is carried out at room temperature and is therefore a relatively simple cold-machining process. The technology sounds simple but is in fact a new solution for the problem that aluminium die-cast parts lack ductility, i.e. the capacity for plastic deformation. In the case of the part pictured (see image), Plastic Flow Binding has drastically reduced both the costs and the weight of the product. The technology is currently undergoing further development.
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