Ease of Disassembly Reduces the Environmental Impact

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Fasteners have been used to fix panels together or attach components to panels in panel applications for many years. If the panel is removed, it is very often the case that the fasteners break or worse still, the panel is damaged. The End-of-Life Vehicles Regulations state that a vehicle manufacturer is required to make a suitable network of facilities available for dismantling and recycling. End-of-life vehicles can then be taken to one of these facilities at no cost to the final owner. These facilities make sure that end-of-life vehicles and their components are disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. JET PRESS has increased its range of parts in which the disassembly of the parts for maintenance or disposal is factored into their function (see image). Previously fasteners were often a ‘fix and forget’ solution designed for one-off use but the emphasis has now been placed on reducing the environmental impact by facilitating easy and low-cost disassembly.
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