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Eliminating Plastic Deformations

ROLLMECH Automotive
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Current door stop system designs absorb energy with short strokes and at narrow time intervals, which causes a 'bursting' of energy at joints. This in turn leads to considerable deformations on both car bodies and components, namely on C pillars, door bumpers and door latch bumpers. As a development partner, ROLLMECH Automotive is presenting its ISODROM® stop mechanism for sliding door systems (see image) as a world premiere at the IZB 2016. The mechanism stands out due to a number of benefits, for example the fact that it eliminates plastic deformations connected to the opening of sliding doors. It also enables reinforcement brackets to be made thinner or even completely removed, as well as extending the service life of sliding door system components and car bodies. The new ISODROM® system has a shorter assembly time, can be adapted to suit every vehicle with doors in any weight range and is able to hold doors at inclines of up to 22 percent.
ROLLMECH Automotive
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