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Huge Reductions in Fuel Consumption and Emissions

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MAZARO’s innovative transmissions (see image) reduce energy consumption and emissions by 16 to 26 percent and only contain 139 parts and a handful of bolts instead of the usual 1000. Other benefits include an immediate throttle response (faster than a sports car), smooth ratio changing, low maintenance requirements and silent functioning. Their traction wheels transmit power in a continuously variable way in order to avoid the gear shifting that is typical in the case of most transmissions. The MAZARO systems are not affected by 'drill-slip', a common problem in all other continuously variable systems, and operate without a clutch, torque converter, piston rings or synchronisers. According to the exhibitor, its systems are the first in the world that are able to keep the engine on a particular curve at all times, be it the curve for the lowest fuel consumption, the lowest emissions of NOx, SOx or CO2 or any other desired combinations.
Destelbergen, Belgium
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Press contact: Caroline De Dijcker
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