A High Sample Rate Even In-Process

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When it comes to television sets, the general rule is: the higher the resolution, the better the picture. This most definitely also applies to the Optimizer4D measuring computer (see image). The device's extremely high sample rate enables it to measure factors that can otherwise only be simulated, namely tool wear, micro-cracks and temperature changes within material. It also offers the advantage of doing so in-process. Optmizer4D brings the tool, workpiece and material to the forefront when monitoring entire production processes in real time using acoustic emission analysis and alerting the user if process parameters exceed tolerance limits. The measured data are visualised in a 3D process landscape in which one axis contains the time and the other the frequency, while the amplitude height shows the intensity. The landscape immediately shows the procedures involved in the process, with deviating emissions between processes indicating variations. Optimizer 4D is the new flagship of the company QASS for crack detection, process optimisation and tool monitoring.
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