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GKN is proud to present its latest developments in the field of driveline technology, for example its VL3 joint, which offers a weight reduction of approximately 4.2kg per vehicle and sets new standards in terms of installation space and performance, so much so that it has been presented with the PACE Award for Product Innovation. Another new GKN development is its Twinster all-wheel drive technology, which is causing quite a stir among the press and car enthusiasts in the Ford Focus RS. GKN has also received a PACE Award for this innovation in the category of Innovation Partnership. Twinster's state-of-the-art vectoring functions provide drivers with a car that offers a true 'rally feeling' in terms of driving dynamics and handling. The next stage of evaluation of this technology is eTwinster, which combines the disciplines of all-wheel and electric drive in order to also enable electrified vehicles to make the most of the properties of this technology in terms of driving dynamics. By developing fixed solid-state storage solutions for hydrogen, GKN is yet again demonstrating its innovative ability and offering a safe option for the storage of hydrogen at low pressure.
GKN Driveline / GKN Driveline International GmbH
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