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Highly Precise 3D Digitisation of Industrial Components

AICON 3D Systems GmbH
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The new PrimeScan (see image) from AICON is an attractive entry-level solution for the highly precise 3D digitisation of industrial components. It works with the company's OptoCat software and therefore uses the same algorithms for the fast creation of highly precise point clouds as AICON's high-end scanner lines StereoScan and SmartScan. PrimeScan's compact design – with a base area equivalent to that of an A4 sheet combined with a weight of just 4kg – and its short working distance make it ideal for use as a desktop solution and for applications under cramped spatial conditions in industrial environments. Depending on the required resolution and precision, the scanner is available with camera resolutions of two, five or eight megapixels with measuring fields of between 50mm and 1000mm. PrimeScan comes equipped with either blue-light or white-light technology. Its particularly powerful projector enables users to scan both glossy and dark surfaces without pre-treatment. Users can also choose from 24 fixed configurations with different resolutions and measuring fields.
AICON 3D Systems GmbH
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