Retaining Forces of over 13 Newtons

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As a specialist for RAST connectors in insulation displacement technology (IDT), Lumberg has expanded its product range by introducing a new model with the item number 3517-4 (see image). When it comes to the extremely space-saving and cost-effective solution of direct connectors, in this case those that comply with the RAST standard and have a contact pitch of 2.5mm, the demand for high retaining forces and strong locking on the edge of the printed circuit board is constantly increasing, especially in the automotive industry. The portfolio of the IZB exhibitor from the German town of Schalksmühle already contains a variety of different products graded in terms of retaining force. Its new 3517-4 model, which is available with or without a keying rib and closed sides, boasts a huge retaining force of over 13 N. This impressive force is made possible by the reinforced locking toes inside the reliable geometry of the connector's casing, which ensure a higher mechanical retention on the printed circuit board without taking up any additional installation space.
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