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Automotive Ethernet – the Standard in the Field of Data Communication

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The introduction of Ethernet for automotive applications forms the basis for continuous bandwidth growth. The 100Base-T1 standard applies to standardised data communication and facilitates bidirectional data transmission at a rate of 100 MB/s via an individual unshielded twisted-pair cable. LEONI has adjusted its product portfolio to suit this technology and is showcasing these products at the IZB 2016 (see image). The LEONI Dacar® Ethernet plastic-sheathed cables were developed in order to guarantee a high degree of cable symmetry, even in adverse environments with problems such as vibration, moisture or dirt. In EMV-sensitive installation areas, using symmetry alone to suppress interference is insufficient, meaning that LEONI Dacar® Ethernet cables with shielding need to be used. Such cables are installed in equipment such as surround-view camera systems and are in use in series production. The exhibitor is currently working on solutions for 1 GB data transmission.
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