Maximum Safety Even Under Extreme Temperatures

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The high-pressure valve (see image) developed by Keihin is designed to be installed in the hydrogen tanks of fuel cell vehicles. When developing the valve, the Japanese company was able make the most of its many years of experience and expertise in the field of natural gas vehicles. The valve guarantees an airtight seal even under extreme temperatures and, according to its manufacturers, is therefore the first high-pressure valve in the world to meet the strict requirements of the "UN Global Technical Regulation (GTR) No.13" standard. Keihin has also developed another new product in the form of its high-performance power control unit (PCU) for hybrid vehicles. The company began manufacturing PCUs in series production in 1999 and has been consistently advancing its research and development activities ever since. When developing its new high-performance power control unit (see image), it was able to achieve a significant reduction in size alongside an optimal cooling structure. According to the manufacturer, the power density achieved as a result of these developments makes its PCU one of the very best in the entire industry.
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