Reinforcement of Components and Fibre Blends

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The company Tenowo GmbH has been developing carbon fibre (CF) non-woven fabrics (see image) since 2010 and is presenting its latest results in this area at the IZB 2016. The first pilot plant for the production of these developments has already been constructed. The CF non-woven fabrics are reinforced using the stitch-bonding method Maliwatt, which uses a polyester thread as a stitching thread. The exhibitor is able to process both primary and recycled carbon fibres. Its fabrics have a surface weight of between 100 and 350 g/m² with a width of 155mm. Tenowo is able to use both pure carbon fibres and mixtures with materials such as PET or PA in its non-woven fabrics. CF non-woven fabrics are easy to handle and to drape. The fact that they use staple fibres means that they do not offer the maximum tensile strengths of scrim or woven fabrics, but such strengths are not always necessary. CF non-woven fabrics are designed for fields of application such as the reinforcement of components exposed to low loads and use in thermoplastic matrices that require different fibre blends.
Tenowo GmbH
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