Reliable Protection of Bearings and Efficient RFI Attenuation

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Capacitive interference currents via the rotor shaft of electric drivetrains can lead to damages to bearings or gear wheels and cause broadband radio interference. Schunk Carbon Technology, the world's leading technology expert for carbon materials and products, has solved this problem with its innovative shaft earthing system (see image). The short-circuiting of the drive shaft with the engine housing enables capacitive interference currents to be directly discharged via a ground terminal. The shaft earthing system developed by the company offers effective protection against bearing damage whilst attenuating the RFI signals emitted by the shaft up to a frequency of approximately 5 MHz at the same time. The typical values measured in laboratory testing are -70 dB @ 100 kHz, -55 dB @ 1 MHz and -45 dB @ 4 MHz. The ground terminals can be combined with slip ring systems when used in electrically excited synchronous machines or used as a 'stand-alone' solution for asynchronous machines and magnetically excited machines.
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