The dates of the IZB 2016 have been set

The dates of the IZB 2016 have been set

The ninth International Suppliers Fair (IZB) will take place in the German city of Wolfsburg from 18th to 20th October 2016.

All parties interested in participating in next year's event should bear in mind that registration for the IZB 2016 will not be possible until the registration documents have been sent out. These documents will only be sent electronically, namely by e-mail and not by post, in summer 2015. The registration documents will contain information on all prices and stand types.

They will automatically be sent to exhibitors from previous years. Official registration for the IZB 2016 will only be possible once these documents have been sent. Other companies and organisations interested in participating in the event can apply online.

As always, the exhibition areas available at the event are limited and will be allocated on a first come, first served basis according to receipt of registrations.

A mixture of established and new at next year's event

After the trade fair's new timeslot proved to be a positive change at last year's event, the IZB 2016 will also take place in the Allerpark in Wolfsburg from Tuesday to Thursday, as was requested by the majority of exhibitors. Next year's International Suppliers Fair will also again remain true to the tradition of featuring a partner country, partner countries or a partner region like the ASEAN states in 2014 and Argentina and Brazil in 2012. One of the special features of the International Suppliers Fair continues to be its close cooperation with its selected partner countries and the focus that it places on these nations.

The event will also continue its well-established tradition of hosting the International Automotive Congress in Wolfsburg the day before the IZB, this year on 17th October 2016. The main focus of this congress will be placed on the partner country or partner region. The congress will also kick off a 4-day series of sophisticated specialist events.

Another event that has proven to be successful in previous years is the IZB Job Fair, which has also been online all year round since last year's trade fair. A corresponding newsletter will provide further details and information on new features soon. The trade fair team in Wolfsburg AG's MobilityBusiness Division is also working on the further development of the event concept, which involves significantly considering and implementing requests made by exhibitors. The IZB Newsletter provides regular information on new developments and events.