The IZB Job Fair Attracts a Large Amount of Interest

The IZB Job Fair Attracts a Large Amount of Interest

As was the case in previous years, the IZB Job Fair 2014 has yet again already attracted a lot of interest among both exhibitors and job seekers in the run-up to the trade fair.

At the end of June, the first promotion campaign for the IZB Job Fair 2014 was launched at selected German universities and provided approximately 235,000 students throughout Germany with information on the event. This was followed up by several campaigns, which will now be joined by a final information campaign at selected higher education institutions in Germany at the end of September/start of October.

The Job Fair is already one of the long-standing traditions of the International Suppliers Fair and offers a number of benefits for both exhibitors at the trade fair and, to a certain extent, companies that are not involved in the IZB. One of the highlights of the Job Fair is the fact that it offers representatives from the human resources departments of German and international exhibitor companies the ideal opportunity to inform interested visitors about their internship placements and career, employment and further education opportunities directly at the IZB. One of the new features of this year’s event is the more extensive Job Wall, which will now be on display both at the event itself and as an online version available around the clock. Both IZB exhibitors and companies not exhibiting at the trade fair can book space on the website in order to display their job advertisements.

The Job Fair will take place at the IZB on 16th October and, together with the Job Wall, is aimed at school pupils, students, young professionals, academics and specialist staff, all of whom will be granted free entry to the trade fair on this day. The partner of the Job Fair is the German Federal Employment Agency. Visitors to the event can already rest assured that the IZB Job Fair will provide both exhibitors on the lookout for new employees and university graduates hoping to find a challenging career entry opportunity in the automotive industry with a number of benefits.

The IZB Job Fair 2014 – be a part of it!
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