Plastic Granules for Extremely High Loads and AdBlue Resistance

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The outstanding properties of the PTFE-free EnsingerTECACOMP® TRM X compounds (see image) are particularly beneficial in the case of higher PV values, high mechanical loads and high temperature conditions. In powertrains, components made of PTFE-free compounds using minerals as fillers demonstrate their advantages and prove their reliability when exposed to extreme loads. The exhibitor's thermally conductive TECACOMP® TC compounds are ideal for many components in CR systems and help to further optimise their heating or defrosting capacity. The selection of the right polymers and filler materials guarantees that the compounds meet all requirements with regard to chemical resistance, mechanical properties and processability for the application in question. Ensinger Compounds focuses on meeting customer demands, developing suitable solutions and offering a variety of TC materials for parts used in electronic systems for automated driving and components used in electronic vehicle and electronic hybrid vehicle systems.
Ensinger Compounds
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