Optical Drilling for Matrix Placement

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cms electronics is expanding its portfolio in the field of precision electronics by introducing optical drilling and a hybrid placement system. These new systems not only enable printed circuit boards made of IMS material to be precisely assembled, but also facilitate precise optical drilling of the fiducials. The company's specially designed and developed drilling machine (see image) has been installed in a separate fully air-conditioned drilling room. This separation of the device from other production facilities ensures maximum accuracy by eliminating environmental influences such as exhaust heat or vibrations. One of the drilling machine's outstanding features is the fact that the unit is designed to perform with a 6Ϭ process capability at 50 µm. This high level of performance is possible thanks to complex interaction between high-resolution cameras, extremely accurate positioning fixtures and perfectly coordinated software. The use of optical drilling is one of the basic requirements when it comes to producing high-precision printed circuit board systems with LEDs as used in lighting applications such as matrix headlamp technology in the automotive industry.
cms electronics gmbh
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