Optimal Use of Installation Space with an Innovative Cover Concept

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The Weber Group is presenting an innovative new development in the field of kinematics for the first time at the IZB 2016 in the form of its extremely space-saving cover concept. The development of the concept was based on a closable centre console module with an installation space that was so limited that one third of the assembly was covered by the instrument panel once installed. Despite the highly restricted space available, the company was commissioned to create a closable solution that would provide easy access to all areas of the module. It responded to these demands by developing a sliding cover that takes up very little space in the direction of the instrument panel. The sliding movement of the cover lowers one half of the cover so that it can slide below the other half. The opening and closing of the cover takes place in two steps, with position one revealing the double cupholder and socket and position two additionally providing access to a lit storage compartment containing a USB adapter and ashtray (see image). The ashtray can also be removed to provide additional storage space where needed.
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