Manufacturing Down to the Nearest Micrometre

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Up to now, the production of geometrically complex shapes in metal processing has involved a great deal of time and expense. Nevertheless, a new method has now been created to allow the highly precise and fast machining of metals regardless of their hardness. The method also delivers high-quality parts at lower manufacturing costs than conventional processes. This new procedure is called PECM and is suitable for the production of both small and large series, as well as prototype manufacturing. The company BENSELER is now offering its customers the opportunity to make the most of the benefits and wide range of possible uses of PECM technology. The specialists at BENSELER have already been successfully working with ECM for a long time when it comes to deburring components with drill holes and apertures or creating free-formed elements inside components. The decision to expand its portfolio by adding PECM, which is able to achieve roughness depths of up to Rz 0.2 / Ra 0.05 with image accuracies of under 20 µm depending on the material in question, was therefore a logical step for the company.
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