The Toughest Bumper on the Market

Via Morandi 14
10095 Grugliasco (TO)

Halle: 7 / 7109

The increased demands placed on lightweight construction and safety mean that modern car bodies not only use high-strength sheet metal, but are also opting for ultra-high-strength or even maximum-strength sheet metal more and more frequently. The problem with such materials, however, is the fact that their reduced formability and spring-back effect are causing an increasing number of problems when it comes to production. COPROGET decided to tackle this challenge and successfully constructed manufacturing equipment for the production of what it claims are currently the toughest cold-formed crossmembers on the market. The equipment can be used to process very thick martensitic steel with a tensile strength of 1500 N/mm2 with an extremely high degree of dimensional accuracy. The crossmember (see image) is roll-formed and stretch-bent before being perforated and trimmed ready for use. The work processes can be linked to form a fully automatic procedure. The exhibitor not only helped to develop the cross section and the bending contour, but also worked on the development of a cold-trimming process involving as little maintenance as possible.
Grugliasco, Italy
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