Fastener Technology for the Multi-Material Mix and Hybrid Construction

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In order to make the most of the individual benefits of different materials in the multi-material mix and in hybrid constructions, baier & michels has developed a number of innovative fastening solutions that enable fastening by means of direct screwing into a wide variety of different materials. These innovations include examples such as the b&m CARBON product range for robust and corrosion-free direct screwing into carbon fibre reinforced materials and the b&m TIGHT range. This direct screwing system is suitable for both high-strength steels and tough-soft aluminium alloys and therefore acts as an ideal solution for hybrid applications with aluminium and steel. This system additionally boasts an integrated self-sealing function that does not require any extra sealants or safety agents. These innovative technologies enable vehicle and vehicle parts manufacturers to use materials in a targeted manner and make the most of the competitive advantages provided by lightweight construction concepts.
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