Increasing Efficiency for the Technologies of the Future

Diehl Metall Stiftung & Co. KG
Heinrich-Diehl-Strasse 9
90552 Röthenbach a.d. Pegnitz

Halle: 5 / 5313

In the emerging market of alternative engines, Diehl Metall works as a development and production partner for components for the electrification of power trains and the performance and signal-based contacting of battery cells (see image). The company also offers two new lead-free surface coatings for press-fit zones: "S+D Advanced Indium" and "S+D Advanced SilberZinn", which additionally help to minimise whisker formation. In the area of stamping technology, SKEDD is the new solution for connecting components to printed circuit boards and helps to contribute towards the miniaturisation trend in the automotive industry. When it comes to semi-finished products, the company's extremely wear-resistant special brass alloys form a basis for ancillary units (turbochargers and gear elements) and powertrain components. On top of all this, Diehl Metall also offers multi-cone synchroniser ring packages made of brass and steel that guarantee optimal thermal efficiency in mechanical manual gearboxes.
Diehl Metall Stiftung & Co. KG
Röthenbach, Germany
Hall 5, stand 5108
Press contact: Taina Temmen
Telephone: +49 911 57040