Reducing Friction, Wear and Noise

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Federal-Mogul Powertrain is presenting two new high-performance versions of its EcoTough® piston skirt coatings at the IZB. The EcoTough New Generation, which was designed especially for Otto engines, and the EcoTough D coating specifically for diesel engines help to further reduce internal engine friction, wear and noise. The two new EcoTough formulations are also able to withstand the increasingly demanding loads and higher temperatures of the latest downsizing turbocharged engines. EcoTough New Generation is comprised of a resin system featuring solid lubricants and additionally embedded metal oxides. Compared to standard coatings, it reduces the piston skirt wear in Otto engines by up to 40 percent and provides a friction loss that has been optimised by up to 15 percent. EcoTough D was developed for both aluminium and steel diesel pistons in cars and commercial vehicles and is a coating reinforced with short carbon fibres on a polymer basis.Federal-Mogul Holdings Corporation
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