Solutions for All Voltage Levels

Landshuter Straße 100
84137 Vilsbiburg

Halle: 1 / 1226

THE DRÄXLMAIER Group is presenting its new solutions for distribution, securing, storage and lighting for conventional and alternative drive systems at the IZB. With products such as its multiple-layer multi-bar and electronic power distributors, the company offers innovations for modern electrical system architectures in vehicles across all voltage levels. In new-generation high-voltage electrical systems, the exhibitor creates products that help to optimise the use of installation space and weight whilst also ensuring compliance with EMC requirements, for example its HV connector, HV distributor, HV filter and HV shielding to prevent electric hum. The DRÄXLMAIER Group develops and manufactures both low-voltage and high-voltage storage systems including electronics closely linked to cells. Its high-voltage control box additionally offers precise measurement and control electronics that can be used to connect the cell package to the high-voltage electrical system, including heat management. DRÄXLMAIER's products for direct and indirect lighting combine both emotionality and functionality.
Vilsbiburg, Germany
Hall 4, stand 4306
Press contact: Dr Tobias Nickel
Telephone: +49 8741 474747