Light and Chrome Growing Together

BIA Kunststoff- und Galvanotechnik GmbH & Co. KG
Untengönrather Strasse 73
42655 Solingen

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BIA has developed a multitude of technologies that open up a world of new effects and design options when used in combination with electroplating. One of these innovations is its BIA Night Design (see image), which enables chrome-plated components to be partially illuminated. This can be carried out before the electroplating process, for example by using 2C or 3C injection moulding or applying selective coatings, during the process by means of laser technology or after the process by re-treating the components. This approach even enables complex symbols to be created. The BIA Night Design can also be used for ambient lighting in vehicle interiors by providing components with a length of up to 1 metre with a translucent gap along their contours. This offers a wide variety of different design options for the ambient lighting of doors or dashboards. The technical processes developed by the company from the German city of Solingen guarantee the required distribution, a high contrast during the day and UV stability.
BIA Kunststoff- und Galvanotechnik GmbH & Co. KG
Solingen, Germany
Hall 7, stand 7413
Press contact: Vincent Domscheit
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