Efficient, Safe and Suitable for Flexible Use

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PRIMOVE offers car users an efficient, safe and economically attractive charging system for use in private and company parking areas in the form of Z-Mover (see image), an inductive charging system that guarantees an optimal distance between the pick-up coils. The fact that the system features a very small and lightweight vehicle coil that already contains all of the components required for control, communication and current conversion means that one single coil is suitable for all vehicle heights, from SUVs right through to small sports cars. The optimal distance between the coils additionally helps to ensure that the electromagnetic emissions are much lower than the statutory limits, which are, indeed, already extremely strict. Z-Mover also offers the necessary safety measures in the form of its reliable finger-trap protection and highly sensitive metal detection system. According to the developer, Z-Mover is a pioneer for the next generation of inductive charging systems and is not only efficient, but also safe and suitable for flexible use.
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