An Artificial Finger for Haptic Feedback

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When it comes to displays providing haptic feedback, all 'keys' feel like realistic buttons. Against this background, the robotic measuring specialists from the company Battenberg have now developed an "artificial finger" in the form of a Force Feedback Module (see image). This new module is able to precisely measure the haptic response of touch panel devices (feedback) down to the nearest pixel by adjusting the finger pressure (force) directly on the display. The suitability of innovative touch panels for everyday use can now be tested by modifying operating forces, speeds and angles of inclination under different climatic conditions of between -40 and +85 degrees Celsius. Up to now, recording the vibration pulses triggered by different operating forces has not been possible when using conventional measuring methods involving devices such as acceleration sensors or laser vibrometers. The Battenberg Force Feedback Module for robotic measuring systems is therefore an innovative measuring method that can be used to precisely record haptic feedback down to the nearest pixel based on defined forces.
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