Automated Rotational Moulding of Plastic Parts

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With Robomould® (see image), AMS is introducing rotational moulding for plastic parts using industrial robots together with electrical heating of the mould. The advantages of this process are a much lower energy consumption combined with a higher production output, quality and flexibility. The full automation and traceability of Robomould® include automated filling for controlled multilayer applications, demoulding, the opening and closing of moulds and the changing of moulds within 30 seconds. Robomould® can easily link existing automated techniques such as milling, finishing, testing, printing, packaging and palletising. Its high level of automation enables it to be used competitively in high-wage countries or even in the direct vicinity of its customers' production facilities. AMS aims to extend the new Robomould® system to cover the production of parts based on carbon fibre technology in order to reduce the weight and increase the strength of automotive parts.
AMS Belgium bvba
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