A Glass Fibre Sleeve Resistant to Marten Bites

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According to the latest insurance estimates, the annual damages caused by marten bites amount to a total of up to 70 million Euros. These damages are particularly frequent in the case of electronics components such as ignition cables, sensor cables and cables for the lambda sensor. The company BIW Isolierstoffe GmbH has developed an exclusive solution to prevent damages caused by marten bites and has verified the suitability of its solution for this task in cooperation with the only test institute in this field in Germany. The fact that the protective sleeves of the THERMOFLEX HRI MARDER series (see image) provide effective cable protection and sustainably act as a deterrent to martens has been confirmed by an appropriate report and test certificate. The effectiveness of the cable protection sleeve, which is made of thick-walled E-glass fibres, is ensured by its special structure and impregnation with silicone resin. Conventionally used sleeves with a flexible elastic surface display no deterrent effect in direct comparison with this new solution.
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