Faster and More Frequent Switching

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The 10 A solid-state relay produced by the company E-T-A celebrated its world premiere in a micro-design at the IZB 2014. It is used in the Passat and many other models under the designation "3Q0 951 253". This year, the company is showcasing the next generation of its relay (see image) at the trade fair. The ESR10 Micro 17 A for 12 and 24 V applications has the same shape factor but offers increased performance and has been optimised for use in higher ambient temperatures of up to 105 degrees Celsius. The ESR10 Micro 30 A provides even higher performance in a 12 V electrical system. Compared to mechanical relays, these solid-state relays are able to switch much more frequently and can even offer extremely short switching intervals. Their PWM control in particular offers users a number of new opportunities. The solid-state relays from E-T-A provide silent switching of resistant, inductive and capacitive loads and therefore do not produce any irritating noise in vehicle interiors. These solid-state relays represent an elegant alternative, especially for automated switching operations and those unanticipated by the driver.
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