NU-KOOL SC-G LF Boasts Outstanding Thermal Efficiency

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NU-KOOL SC-G LF (see image) is a reflective sleeve for heat reflection and thermal protection. It is made of fiberglass and polyester laminated with an aluminized foil, which provides excellent thermal effectiveness (>90 degree Celsius). The heat radiations coming from the engine, the exhaust line or other equipment are reflected by the surface of the sleeve. It provides a good thermal insulation (temperature resistance up to 150 degree Celsius), helping to delay the increase of temperature inside the sleeve. NU-KOOL SC-G LF (low fray) is specifically developed for end-fray resistance, preventing risk of skin irritation when cutting or handling. The self-closure construction is ideal for reworking components without disconnecting them and ensures protection of the wires. This sleeve is designed for automotive applications and passes common fluids, temperature, flammability and aging tests.