The Auto-Kabel High Voltage Switch 450

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Electromobility, electric vehicles and HV batteries are currently the hot topics leading us towards the urgently required sustainable and environmentally friendly mobility of the future. Nevertheless, most consumers are unaware that in the case of a short circuit, a flow of electricity reaching double figures of kiloamperes and with a force equivalent to a lightning strike during a storm makes its way through their vehicle. Short circuits can also lead to electric arcs that are just as powerful as lightning. The High Voltage Switch 450, known as the HVS450 for short (see image), from the company Auto-Kabel protects drivers and passengers against precisely these outcomes by disconnecting the HV battery from the vehicle's electrical system within 3 ms in the case of an accident. When doing so, the switch suppresses the electric arc produced and actively eliminates it. According to the IZB exhibitor, the switch is an active safety component that plays an indispensable role in the safety concept of modern electric vehicles in order to protect users in an extremely exciting, or even electrifying, future.
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