2A Fonderie S.P.A.

Via Tetti Dell'Oleo n. 9
10071 Borgaro T.se (TO)

Thema Gemeinschaftsstand
Produktgruppen Entwicklungstools, Produktion, Produktionstechnologe, sonstige Produktionsprozesse
Ansprechpartner Emanuele Di Franco
Telefon 0039-0119496148
Fax: 0039-0119493510
E-Mail: emanuele.difranco(at)2aspa(dot)com

2A is a worldwide group leader in the aluminum high-pressure die casting oriented and specialized in the development and production of components from few grams up to the biggest in the market produced with several machine of 4.500 tons. A strong R&D Center allows to propose innovative ductile alloys for structural application and innovative processes such as core die casting® and glue casting®. 2A is a complete first tier supplier, which can also machine, paint and assemble complete functions through high level of automation.

2A is certified ISO 9001, ISO TS 16949, ISO 14001.